Eagle Grips 2H

Dhs. 169.00

The Picsil Eagle Grips (2 holes) are thin, soft, resistant and the best grip that has ever been made thanks to its micro diamonds technology. Feel the grip of an eagle every time you grab onto the bar. The favourites ones of some of the best athletes in the world.



Micro-Diamond Technology

The fabric of the Eagle Grips uses micro-diamond technology.

This probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it's kind of a big deal. 

This new technology allows the best grip you can find with any pair of gymnastics grips.

Not only does it enhance the grip, but it also retains the chalk for longer.

Pretty cool, huh?

The Best Grip

The raised part of the micro-diamond shape is coated with our patented rubber material. It's this special design coupled with their malleability (they're so easy to fold), our unique fabric seems like the wheels of a 4×4 going up a mountain. 

Who doesn’t want to improve their grip and increase the number of reps? Work smarter, not harder!

Chalk Retention

The unique shape of the micro-diamond technology ensures chalk gets trapped on the grip and works much like an extended-release system. It works to slowly release chalk as needed, every time you grip the bar. So not only is your grip much better, but you will also save time on re-chalking. 

Better grip, less re-chalking, faster transitions between exercises… you will be the most efficient possible and at your best possible capacity thanks to the Eagle Grips!

Technical features

  • Protection
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Resistance
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Lightness
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Durability
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Endurance certifications ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Ecological fabric Yes
  • Antiallergic buckle Yes
  • Patented Fabric v2