Bee Rope

Dhs. 199.00

The Bee Rope by Picsil is now available from Picsil Australia. Affordable and Shipped Fast from our Melbourne warehouse, the Bee Rope is one of the only self-adjusting speed ropes in the world. Made from Aluminium using double-bearing technology, the Picsil Bee Rope is Ultra-Light and Ultra-Fast.



BEE Fast

The Picsil BEE Rope is made from Ultra-Light Aluminium with a high-tech double-bearing system. Super Light and Super Fast, this Speed Rope makes you FLY.It's speed is helped by it's unique double-bearing system and a 2mm cable… Allowing you to FLY not JUMP.

With a 2mm thick cable, the BEE Rope is one of the lightest ropes you'll ever use, without sacrificing durability.

Master your double unders while building toward mastering the triple under. Yes, the triple!

Forget the wrench. Welcome to BEE Click

We get it, you're sick of adjusting your ropes with a wrench or trying to track down a rope in your size. 

No More!

Press, pull, drop and jump. The BEE Click system revolutionises the customisation.

"Bee Rope: The world’s first self-adjusting rope"

BEE yourself

Hold the rope as you prefer: with two fingers, with three, with the whole hand, from below, from above. It does not matter, the BEE Rope adapts to you.

Ergonomic design

We have worked with multiple athletes across the world to create the most ergonomic handle. Not too thin, not too thick, not smooth, not rough... Just right!