Azor Grips 2H

Dhs. 155.00

The Picsil Azor Grips are made using a unique, patented fabric making them one of the softest and most durable grips in the world. Available in a range of colours, Azor Grips are the Crossfit Grips of choice for some of the biggest names in the sport. Protect your hands and your performance with Picsil Azor Grips



AZOR Grips - In A League Of Their Own

Our AZOR grips are made using a unique, patented fabric, like no other in the world. This makes the AZOR Grips ultra-soft and ultra-durable

They are carefully designed with a breathable, washable, soft, flexible and ultra light fabric allowing maximum resistance.

Loved By The Best

Lukas Esslinger has subjected these grips to exhaustive quality control.

Who is better than someone who has been attending the CrossFit Games for 4 years straight to prove they are bulletproof*?

* Do not try to stop bullets with the AZOR grips, they are grips and you are not a Superhero (yet).

New Velcro

We pride ourselves on continuous improvement, which is why we have recently improved our grips’ Velcro.

We want to ensure maximum durability and safety for your WOD needs.

It looks like a minor update but sometimes the tiniest detail can have the biggest impact.

Technical features

  • Protection
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Resistance
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Lightness
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Durability
    ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
  • Endurance certifications    ISO9001, ISO14001
  • Ecological fabric                  Yes
  • Antiallergic buckle              Yes
  • Patented Fabric                    v2