ANNA Jump Rope

Dhs. 179.00

Picsil Anna Jump Ropes are made from aluminium with double high-speed bearings and the possibility to add weights. These CrossFit Speed Ropes are ultra-fast, ultra-resistant and have a very soft spin.



Fast and smooth

The high-speed double bearing of the ANNA Jump Rope is designed to maximise speed.

Build for athletes looking to elevate their performance and master their double-unders.



Elevate your training

The ANNA Jump Rope comes with a surprise feature - the ability to add more weight. Simply by unscrewing the base, you can add more weight to train harder and improve your efficiency. 

Trust us, your forearms will be on fire!

A few minutes with the ANNA Jump Rope and you will have the same muscle fatigue as if you've just down 200 pull-ups. 

The ANNA Rope’s weight will prepare you for the unknown.

Designed for you

The ANNA Jump Rope is designed with the ultimate care. The balanced weight distribution helps you avoid the bouncing during your workout.

The handles are designed with hard knurling for the grip (weightlifting knurling bar) for maximum control.