VIVO General Trading LLC (“VIVO Fitness”) operates two primary sales channels: 

1) Commercial Sales where products are sold and purchased via a direct relationship with our sales team, typically through contractual mechanisms such as Purchase Orders and/or Sales Contracts; 

2) Online Sales, where products are sold and purchased via the Online Store function on our website 

The below Terms and Conditions are for commercial sales. 


Terms and Conditions – Commercial Sales

These Terms and Conditions are considered legally binding for all purchases between you (“the Customer”) and us, VIVO General Trading LLC (“VIVO Fitness”). By issuing us an LPO or signing our Quotations as confirmation or order, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions before signing anything with VIVO Fitness and contact us immediately with any questions. You can also email or message us through the Contact Us Page. Most of these terms will be listed on any quotations you receive from VIVO Fitness and it’s important to know that if any of the Terms and Conditions on the quote conflict with any of the Terms and Conditions listed below on this website, the Terms and Conditions on your quote will always take priority.



All Products remain the property of VIVO Fitness until 100% payment has been received.


Validity of Quotations

All Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date it’s sent to you. We have a lot of exchange rate fluctuations to consider, so we don’t like our quotes being valid for too long. We are usually happy to extend these periods, so chat with us if you’re concerned.


Lead Times

We import products from all over the world, but mainly from Mainland U.K and China. The estimated lead time for all our Products is between 12 to 16 weeks from the date we receive your Advance Payment. All lead times are estimated and we always use our best efforts to improve lead times where we can. Though if, for example, bad weather in the UK delays a container ship, there’s no way we can control this, so we do require some flexibility for situations outside of our direct control, hence all lead times are an estimation only.

For the avoidance of doubt, by purchasing from VIVO Fitness, you, the Customer, agree to waive any penalty charges incurred for the late delivery of your products.

Payment Terms


Our standard payment terms are:

  • 75% Advance Deposit Payment
  • 25% Prior to Delivery



Delivery within the UAE is included in all our quotations, but only within the borders of the U.A.E. For deliveries outside the UAE, all quotations are considered “ex-works” and the customer is required to arrange collection from our warehouse in Dubai along with your own transport and all other associated costs (eg. customs clearance, taxes, unloading at site etc).



Check your quote for this, but not that if Installation is not mentioned on your quote, it’s not included. In this situation, you will need to arrange your own team to install any equipment, rigs, flooring, etc.

When we do provide an installation service, it’s important to understand what we do and don’t do. We only install, so we will not be responsible for any demolition, site preparation,  installation of any power/data requirements, floor preparation, self-levelling, removal of existing floor finishes, etc.

In ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, by accepting our quotation, you agree that VIVO Fitness is not liable for any damage to any existing property which might be caused during delivery or installation of the items you’ve ordered. The Customer fully indemnifies VIVO Fitness against any penalties or repair costs arising from damage to any existing property, structures or materials.

If we have allowed for any installation costs in our quotation, it is always based on a ground floor location only with suitable access to the site, unless expressed otherwise.

The customer agrees to provide clear and proper access, security clearances etc. The customer is responsible for any and all forklifts, cranes, scaffolding etc which may be required to install, in particular for any outdoor fitness Equipment and Projects.

All installations need to be completed in a single mobilization in accordance with our proposed schedules. We reserve the right to charge additional costs if the customer, or any other 3rd party, delay our installation.



No cancellations are accepted after an Advance/Deposit Payment has been received.



All quoted items are covered under relevant manufacturer’s warranty periods and conditions. We don’t provide any warranty directly and all warranties will revert back to the manufacturer’s warranty durations and conditions.



The United Arab Emirates is our country of domicile and stipulates that the governing law is the local law. VIVO Fitness does not and will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries.